Bensley Collection – Shinta Mani Wild

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Cardamom National Park, Cambodia

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Spread out over 800 acres Shinta Mani Wild is part of one of the last great wilderness areas in South East Asia. With a diversity of upland forest habitats including 4 kilometers of a wild river that runs free from mountains to the sea. Our private nature sanctuary is the perfect basecamp for adventure activities across the Southern Cardamom National Park. Depending on the season, WILD will always have enough activities to keep even the most adventurous of you as busy as you want to be. All of our activities can be customized to your particular skill levels and thirst for adventure, just chat to one of our Bensley Adventure Butlers, they will be more than happy to dial up the thrills and challenges. Get out there and enjoy this very special part of Cambodia, remember that sometimes the best adventure is doing nothing at all.

In depth


It is often said that architects own home is the hardest to complete. This was certainly the case for Bill Bensley, who says the camp was the most difficult project of his 35 year career! The location of every tent was painstakingly positioned by Architect Prajak “Spot”, Thaijanthararak, and Bill, during their 50+ visits to the site, using temporary bamboo frameworks. These helped tremendously in working around the existing trees, establishing the height of the tent platforms to prevent flooding, and in choosing the oh so important views from the outside bathtub and living areas! The final plan worked out to one tent for every 40 acres of land, each one hidden away in the jungle with a magical view over the Tmor Rung River.

Nestled along the Tmor Rung river valley, our Wild Tents (100sqm) are perched over the swift-moving waters hidden deep in the jungle. Each one offers incredible views over the Cardamom forest while changing seasons see the river ebb and flow, creating a unique experience for every part of the year.

At Shinta Mani Wild the Waterfall Tents (100sqm) are dramatically located on the farthest two ends of our camp, each with distinctive views over the spectacular Raging Sister waterfalls or rapids, which fluctuate greatly in size from season to season. The perfect view to admire from your private outdoor bathtub…
Just north of Headquarters and the Raging Big Sister Falls, Tent #6 – Two Bedroom Tent (141sqm) floats over the widest but shallow third tributary. The approach is spectacular. You can stroll just above shallow rapids (in the magical monsoon season) on a succession of narrow wooden walkways that dance around this part of the jungle that thrives on wet roots. This tent is dedicated to the true heroes of the Cardamom Forest, Wildlife Alliance. Both here and in the nearby jungle capsule there is a distinct military twist mixed into the happy colourful interiors with some of the old Wildlife Alliance equipment used on the front line of protecting the Cardamoms.



Hoping for a post-zipline tipple? Let us mix one up for you at the Landing Zone Bar, where you can sink into patched up vintage French chairs while admiring the jaw-dropping view and a tempting drinks list! Or, if you’re craving something heartier, come along to The Headquarters: every meal is carefully curated by our chefs to introduce you to something unknown, and add to the adventure that is Wild! And if none of those take your fancy, our friendly executive chef is always on hand to fulfill your heart’s desires or to surprise you with the day’s freshest ingredients. The dining possibilities at Wild are endless, whether you’re eating at Headquarters, on the lawn, at the Cistern pool, or having a waterfall picnic.



Indulge in pampering treatments starring our own Khmer tonics at The Khmer Tonics. The spas two treatment rooms are nestled amid giant natural rocks. Sensibly the design takes its cues from the forest, with plenty of wood and stone. The river takes center stage, have a river-stone foot massage while soaking in a waterfall pool. Please know that all spa treatments are on us!

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