Best time to go

You can visit Cambodia at any time of the year; however, if we had to pick a time it would be the dry season from October to May. The rainy season begins around the end of May and concludes half way through October. The great thing about Cambodia during its wet season is the lush greenery on the countryside.


Dry Season

Naturally you will want to avoid the rain and enjoy sun drenched days by the sea. If you want to visit the beaches of Cambodia we recommend visiting during the dry season from October to May. April and May are especially pleasant for beach visits as temperatures can reach 40℃ (104℉). Although Cambodia may not seem like the typical beach destination, there are in fact plenty of truly tropical spots and escapes to castaway islands.

Wet Season

The southwestern monsoon causes heavy rains almost daily from the end of May to October. Don’t let these rain falls stop your plans, because the rain only tends to fall during the late afternoon or evening and does not usually last longer than 1 to 2 hours. The rain is short and sharp providing short windows of beautiful skies with dark ominous clouds and amazing thunder and lightning displays during the rainy season.