Best time to go

The weather in Thailand can be categorized into three seasons; hot, cool and wet. Thailand can also be separated into four regions North Thailand, Bangkok & Central Thailand, Southeast Coast and Southwest Coast. Although they all experience the same weather it does not come at the same time. There is no bad time to visit Thailand — aside from torrential downpours and crowded marketplaces — coconuts, zesty noodles and Thai massages will always be available to you. If returning from your trip with sun-tanned skin is on your to-do list you should avoid planning from July to October because the whole country will be impacted by the full effect of monsoon season. We recommend planning a visit during the cool season when there is less rain, more manageable temperatures, waterfalls are in full spate and upland flowers are in bloom. November to December is very popular among tourists and the busiest time so you must plan your trip accordingly. However, a visit in January and February will avoid crowded temples and beaches, yet still offer sunny and hot weather.


Northern Thailand

In the North of Thailand, it stays mostly dry between November and April. The wet season begins in May and normally will run through October with August and September experiencing the most rainfall. The climate remains hot and humid across both the wet and dry seasons. The rainfall that you will experience will realistically only last one to two hours per day and on the plus side, these short-lived showers is how the rainforest is able to flourish. These rainfalls also provide the perfect opportunity to head inside a Thai shop or restaurant!

Bangkok & Central Thailand

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand is usually a starting point for travelers. The Central part of Thailand will experience beautiful weather from November on to February and a possibility of very high temperatures from March to May. The wet season comes around from August to October, there is often a lot of rainfall so thankfully this is only a short time span.

Southern Thailand

In the Southern region of Thailand, the Southeast and the Southwest coasts only experience two seasons – the wet and the dry – and they do not run at the same time. On the west coast, the southeast monsoon brings rain and often heavy storms from April to October and on the east coast the most rain falls from September to December.