Street Food to Remain Part of Bangkok’s Urban Landscape

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s earlier statement, that the city would ban its beloved street food, has turned out to be incomplete, or at the very least, somewhat skewed.

Bangkok is well-known by tourists and locals alike for its renowned street food stalls, which can be found in varying quantities on virtually all of Bangkok’s streets. The spreading news that the city would ban this, resulted in international outcry this month.

As it turns out, Bangkok’s street food isn’t really going anywhere; for the time being. According to the spokesperson of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, street food vendors will undergo a “facelift”, in an effort to raise food safety measures to international standards, waste removal, and decongest specific areas/streets.

This megacity’s sidewalks sometimes are jam-packed, and pedestrians often have to resort to walking on the street due to the sidewalks being occupied with food vendors and their customers. The city’s efforts to decongest such areas, while raising hygiene standards could end-up being a win-win solution for all; food vendors, their customers, and ordinary pedestrians.