Five Ways to Immerse Yourself in Vietnamese Culture

Looking for an authentic experience? Try any or all the things below on your next visit to Vietnam.

Tai Chi in Hanoi
Morning taichi in Hanoi
Awake before dawn and head down to Hoan Kiem Lake. Across Vietnam, locals take to the street in the early hours for their daily exercise routines. Hoan Kiem Lake attracts many Tai Chi practitioners. If you find this too gentle, hustle in on a game of street badminton.

Ca phe sua da and the daily news
dripping coffee in Vietnam

Find a busy street in downtown Saigon and follow your nose! Order the most popular daytime beverage amongst locals – a ca phe sua da (iced-coffee with milk). Look intrigued as you scour a copy of the Thanh Nien Daily.

Banh Mi in a local market
market bread in Vietnam

Set out for the Nha Trang early morning market, with an empty stomach. Besides the array of fresh local produce, the offerings amongst ‘fast food’ vendors are scrumptious. Banh Mi (bread) usually presents a choice of fillings – from fresh shrimp to sausage. If bread sounds a little too plain, dip your chopsticks into Xoi (sticky rice) or Pho (rice noodle soup), two of the most popular breakfast dishes in Vietnam.

Tailor-made Hoi An
tailor made in Hoian, Vietnam

Get a traditional ao dai made (for the ladies) or have a suit tailored (for the gents) in Hoi An. Tailors in Hoi An can’t be compared to the bespoke talent of Savile Row, but with over 400 years in the silk trade, the Hoi An textile scene does offer something special. Purchasing a tailor-made outfit is a great experience, usually with plenty of giggles surrounding measurements and you can pick up some useful fashion tips…

River life from a hammock
Rowing sampan in Mekong delta, Vietnam

The Mekong Delta offers plenty in the way of authentic experience. Get away from the crowds and find yourself in one of the smaller villages of the delta. Stretch out in a hammock with an iced sugarcane juice and just relax into a contemplative day on the banks of the Mekong.

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