Discovering the Architectural Diversity of Phnom Penh

Any recent visitor to Phnom Penh can attest to the current construction boom which started about five years ago. But amidst the increasing number of high rise condominium, hotel, and office buildings that seemingly are being erected at every corner in this city, Phnom Penh still offers ample opportunities to discover its charming and rich architectural heritage.

The Bas Reliefs of Angkor ~ Mythology in Stone

Bas-reliefs, arguably the most famous achievements of Khmer art, adorn many of the temples. Angkor alone boasts over 600m of narrative carved on the exterior walls. The main sources for the relief subject-matter are the legends and mythology found in the Hindu epics, the Mahabharata and Ramayana. Once you've gotten over the magnitude of the temple, this is where to spend time appreciating the skill and creativity of the Khmer craftsmen. Gory warring scenes, epic battle victories of Vishnu over the Asura's and legends of ancient heroes captured in stone.

24 Reasons to Go to South East Asia

1. Get literary ~ take tea in the Authors Wing of the Oriental Bangkok 2. Get adventurous ~ see Saigon like a local, on the back of a taxi om 3. Get musical ~ take in the soothing sounds of so sam sai or the tinkling sounds of so duang, traditional Thai instruments 4. Get cultural ~ with 16 World Heritage Monuments and Sites across 4 countries

Introducing Cambodia

Sour Sdey! Hello! There’s magic in Cambodia travel that casts a spell on many that visit this charming yet confounding kingdom. Ascend to the realm of the gods at the mother of all temples, Angkor Wat, a spectacular fusion of symbolism, symmetry and spirituality. Descend into the hell of Tuol Sleng and come face to face with the Khmer Rouge and its killing machine. Welcome to the conundrum that is Cambodia: a country with a history both inspiring and depressing, an intoxicating place where the future is waiting to be shaped.