24 Reasons to Go to South East Asia

1. Get literary ~ take tea in the Authors Wing of the Oriental Bangkok 2. Get adventurous ~ see Saigon like a local, on the back of a taxi om 3. Get musical ~ take in the soothing sounds of so sam sai or the tinkling sounds of so duang, traditional Thai instruments 4. Get cultural ~ with 16 World Heritage Monuments and Sites across 4 countries

Introducing Thailand

Sawaddee! Hello! Welcome to Thailand! Sawaddee is an all-purpose greeting that can mean good morning, good afternoon, good evening, or good night. By putting your palms gently together under your chin with your head tilted slightly forward, you have greeted your hosts with the wai (form of greeting) that is used in Thailand. If you want to be even more appropriate, use the wai and say "Sawaddee krup" (if you are a man) or "Sawaddee ka" (if you are a woman). With this greeting, you have not only shown respect to your host, but you also have started your amazing adventure into the exploration of Thailand.