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Southeast Asia

The Passage of Time

The new year of 2019 is well underway. However, in Vietnam, the old year is just ending and preparations for the Lunar New Year – Year of the pig, commencing February 5th, take center stage. Vietnam along with many Asian countries, marks the passage of time using simultaneous calendars. While the Gregorian calendar…


Vietnamese Traditional New Year

Tet Nguyen Dan Sino – Vietnamese for ‘feast of the very first morning of the first day’ & the name given to celebrate the lunar new year. ‘Tet’ as it is known by the locals, is Vietnam’s largest and oldest national celebration and epitomizes its cultural identity.


5 Noodle Varieties Most Commonly Found in Vietnamese Dishes

What beer is to Germany, noodles are to Vietnam. The variety of noodles and the dishes they are used in could be comparable to the variety of pasta in Italian cooking; each distinctive in flavor, color and sometimes geographic regions.

Southeast Asia

What Makes Southeast Asia Different From Other Destinations

Countries like Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam report record visitor numbers year after year. Just after tallying the first quarter of 2017 statistics, these countries, again, are on track to break last year’s records. But what makes this region such a special place for travelers?


Pho – The Quintessential Vietnamese Dish

It is impossible to visit Vietnam and not come across a bowl of Pho. This quintessential Vietnamese dish is more abundant throughout this country than 7 Eleven stores in Bangkok. Understanding the anatomy of Pho will make eating and enjoying it a more pleasurable experience.

Southeast Asia

Visiting the “Kingdom of Wonder”, and the country of “Endless Charm”

Cambodia, the Kingdom of Wonder, positions itself quite uniquely as a tourist destination among its neighboring countries. It may lack the luxurious shopping malls and relatively advanced infrastructure of neighboring Thailand; yet year after year, increasing numbers of tourist from all over the world flock to…


A Trip to a Vietnamese Floating Market

A trip to the Mekong Delta is like peering into a completely foreign and exotic world. The lives of those who live in the Delta are inextricably linked to the ebb and flow of one of the world’s mightiest waterways.

Southeast Asia

Discovering the Architectural Diversity of Phnom Penh

Any recent visitor to Phnom Penh can attest to the current construction boom which started about five years ago. But amidst the increasing number of high rise condominiums, hotels and office buildings that are seemingly being erected at every corner in this city, Phnom Penh still offers ample opportunities to discover…


Wats or Vats ~ A Brief Glossary of Key Words

A general understanding of certain terms used in Khmer art can really bring a frieze or panel alive. With just a few words under you belt, you’ll be able to differentiate between apsaras and asuras.


Saigon’s Colonial Heritage ~ 5 Iconic Landmarks

The Ho Chi Minh City skyline has been reshaped following the frenetic development of the past decade. At street level, much of the past’s brick and mortar has been demolished to give rise to air-conditioned, steel and glass towers. With the global economic downturn, the appetite for construction is temporarily…

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